1. To provide a forum in which the members of the Association can discuss matters relating to the exploration for and   the development, production, gathering, manufacturing, processing, transmission, distribution, storage, utilization and marketing of natural hydrocarbon gas or manufactured gas;
  2. To develop knowledge, learning and research and development in the areas of gas technology and environmental protection related to gas industries;
  3. To cooperate with other organizations in programs of mutual benefit and to generate interest in and serve as a forum for communication and dialogue with and among both the public and private sectors impacted by the gas industry in Indonesia;
  4. To promote the economic development, increase safety awarness and environment aspects of the natural gas industry in Indonesia, including information exchange with the Government of Indonesia;
  5. To promote the development of infra-structure necessary to support the gas industry in Indonesia;
  6. To promote cooperation among producer, transporter, consumer and regulatory/ policy maker in gas industry;
  7. To disseminate and exchange information and analyses concerning such aspect of the gas industry; and
  8. To establish contacts and cooperation with similar associations and professional organizations outside Indonesia.